Thursday, November 27, 2008

DRIFTing in the rain..

last nite, my friend's car broke down at Mines shopping center parking this morning, I sent her car to be repaired at my mechanic's workshop..her car can't be started and I suspected the fuel pump is the problem.after a thorough checks by mechanic, he agreed with me.

so we had to tow her car to the workshop coz the fuel pump cannot be replaced there fyi: the f*cking fuel pump is inside the f*cking fuel tank.. we had to take down the fuel tank 1st.. thanx to the genius design by Perodua Kembara.

the tow truck came but cannot went in coz of security problems(they will think that someone want's to steal car)..let this be lesson to us all.if your car broke down inside any shopping center, you must prepare to deal with the in our case, we dont. we think that it is better for us to use my car to tow her car outside 1st.

so the mechanic tie her car to my car, and start dragging her car outside. after that, they towed it lah! ..the car successfully made it to the workshop..the workshop is filled with cars.."'s a day after pay day"..everyone wants to get their car looked at..

so after waiting a few hours in the workshop, I got fed up and want to go back to my we leave the car to the mechanics (don't worry, I trust him) and told him that I will be back at 5.

at the office, I got lectured by my supervisor because of my absence this morning..hehehe..

then I went back to the workshop, and it's started to rain..after arriving there, the rain became heavier..while waiting for the mechanics to finish their job, I heard a screeching tyres, the violent noise of the I looked outside, there was a Skyline...drifting in the rain..

in front of the workshop, there is a wide, empty, open parking lot..this is the drifter's stage to test his drifting skills..the mechanics said, the drifter only come when it's save the tyre I supposed..

then come another drifter with an old mazda...I don't know what is the model..coz it's old..hahaha

so, in the darkness of rains.. with the flashes of lightning... two cars drifting like crazy..

and I watched the the noises they make like a music in my ears..