Monday, December 22, 2008

A good day to curse aloud

today, I mean yesterday(coz it's half past 12 already) was the day of obstacles..sigh..many incidents happened and making me tired and stressed out..the worst part of my day 1 Terabyte hard disc crashed! HOLY SH*T!

so, for those who don't know what terabyte means => 1 Tera = 1000 Giga..

so my 1000Gigabytes of hard disc space just went down the many data that haven't been backed-up yet..I am so f*cked up..

even the BIOS don't f*cking recognized my hard drive..

what is for sure, tomorrow I can get replacement of my 1TB hard disc..

what is not for sure, is that will I ever get my data back..